Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant Cash Advance May Be What You Need, If Fast Flexible Funds are What You’re Looking For

A merchant cash advance is a discounted lump sum capital advance now, in exchange for an agreed upon percentage of future credit card sales. It is NOT a loan, but rather an unsecured loan alternative.  This type of program can offer flexible terms that are based on each client’s situation and current business.

  • Cash advance amount varies based on monthly sales volume
  • Funds can be dispersed within a week or less, often times
  • No restrictions on use of funds
    • payroll
    • expansion
    • working capital
    • inventory
    • advertising
    • and more
  • Once balance of cash advance is paid, client can “re-up” even easier
  • Must be in business for 12 months and have a minimum of $10,000 monthly gross revenue

Commercial Source Funding works hard to cover the needs and demands of our clients.  With the flexibility and simpleness of a merchant cash advance, it may be the program for you.  Please contact us today to learn more.

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