About Us

We understand that having the right partnerships and alliances can be a crucial factor in being successful.  Whether our clients are in their infancy stage and having working capital and liquidity is important or they’re buying an apartment building to expand their portfolio…we strive on being that “right partnership” for our busy hardworking clients.


Richard Holm

Richard has a vast background within the commercial industry.  He understands how important it is to have reliable strategic partners and networks in order to be successful in business.

Richard has owned and operated several restaurants in multiple states before transitioning over into the commercial finance sector.  He’s opened new stores, moved existing locations, closed down stores, purchased up and running stores and ultimately sold them for profit.

He knows how crucial it can be for the small to medium sized business owner to have access to capital to help keep things moving in the right direction.  Richard has been a key strategic partner on several commercial developments, successfully sourcing the funds necessary, keeping the developers at the helm of their projects.

He loves hanging out with his growing family, spending time outdoors fly-fishing or enjoying the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains, and helping his clients reach their goals in business.

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